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There are many benefits of being a Local 1091 member including good wages, top-notch health benefits, retirement pension, and free training opportunities.

Family Health Care 
With our health and welfare plan, you, your spouse, and your dependents will get access to high-quality health coverage that follows you from job to job and employer to employer.

Vacation Fund 

In addition, to regular wages, members earn vacation contributions for every hour worked which can be used for year-end expenses or emergencies. 

Pension Benefits for a Secure Retirement

As a member of Local 1091, your employer invests in your future so that you have the opportunity to prosper and retire well. With every hour you work, your employer makes a contribution to a pension plan that provides  a steady and reliable defined benefit, allowing you to enjoy your retirement years.

For current members, see contact information below:

Union Privilege Plus

Employee Assistance


651-256-1800 (Minnesota members), 608-846-1742 (Wisconsin members) or toll free 800-397-3373

Vacation Fund 

Types of Payouts:

Automatic Payout—Applications for this payout will be mailed to you in mid-October each year from Zenith Administrators.  In order to receive the available amount fill out the form according to the directions and return it in the envelope provided before the designated deadline.  Your check will be mailed the 1st week of December.  This payout is for the time period of June 1st of the previous year through May 31st of the current year.

Special Payout “Early Withdrawal” - You are entitled to ONE special payout per calendar year.  Your must fill out the form in the office on or before the 25th of each month to have a check mailed to you around the 5th of the following month.  In addition, you are required to have your dues paid to the current month when requesting this payout.  There is a $50.00 service fee for this payout and is deducted from your check prior to the payout.  There are no special payouts in the month of December.

Vacation Fund Office— (651) 256-1800